Let it snow. . .let it snow!!

These pictures were taken about 12 noon yesterday.  I left work at 11am after hearing that the schools in Jonesboro and Weiner were all closing around 11:30.  It was a slow drive home, the snow, sleet, rain mix that was coming down was not fun to drive in! But, it was the prettiest snow I have ever seen! The snowflakes were huge!! I am glad I took these pictures as soon as I got home because by 3pm it was all melted! It would have been nice to have enough snow to build a  snowman, but maybe the groundhog will see it's shadow tomorrow and we'll get a chance for some more snow! I am not ready for spring! I'll pass on allergies and tornadoes, thank you very much!

100_0761 100_0763 

Jarrod has had a rough week this week. First dealing with the damage of the high winds on Tuesday. He was called out at 2 am early Wednesday morning and  got back in about 6 am. Then he worked Wednesday from 9 am to 6 pm, then went out again at 8 pm and worked until about 3 am!! I don't have to tell you how tired he was!! Thursday, he was on his way to his office in Blytheville when the weather started getting bad. His boss called and told him to turn around and go home for the time being. It turned out that he didn't have to go in at all yesterday! So, we got to enjoy an afternoon of napping and laying around. . . and I don't know it it was the lack of sleep or what but something must have made Jarrod a bit goofy. . . what is he doing??  He cracks me up!!

100_0764 100_0765

Yesterday afternoon Taki wanted outside so I let her out and she jumped right off the front porch into the snow. . . YIKES! Too cold for her little paws! She was back on the porch before I could blink!

I guess she was cold . . . she burrowed up in a blanket on the couch.

100_0769 100_0767


Unfortunately, it was back to work today. We didn't get much snow last night and the temperature was high enough that the water on the roads didn't freeze, so the roads were clear enough to drive on. Oh well, a half a snow day is better than none at all!