I didn't have anything else to blog about this week, so I thought would share some funny pics of the notorious "grand kitty" (as my mom refers to her).  Taki has a good life, she wakes Jarrod up almost every morning when she is ready to be feed (usually around 5am), she sleeps all day, goes outside for a little in the afternoons (that is if it isn't too hot or cold for her) eats and goes back to sleep. Oh, to be a house cat. . .


She likes to lay in the floor at your feet and roll around and meow at you as if to say "Hello?? I'm down here, come and rub my belly!"


she was clawing at the camera, what can I say she's camera shy. 


Yes, she is really that big. . . and she is on the healthy weight formula.  If she had it her way she'd be a lot bigger, the silly cat loves cookies and crackers, pretty much anything sweet. But if you try to give her a piece of meat,  she won't eat it! I honestly don't think she knows she's a cat!

IMG_0160 cropped

Aren't her eyes crazy looking?!? It's supposedly pretty normal, especially in the Siamese breed? But I've personally never seen a cat with two different colored eyes before her.  Dillon actually calls her "Crazy Eyes", brothers?!?


She LOVES bags, of all shapes and sizes and she will get inside them (even if she's too big) and sleep or just lay in it for hours.

She is one spoiled kitty. She sleeps pretty much where ever she wants, usually beside or on top of Jarrod. That cat LOVES Jarrod. I don't get it! And he might give her a hard time and aggravate her a lot but deep down he loves her, too. He has said that if you had told him 5 years ago that he'd be sleeping with a cat in his bed, he would have said your crazy. . . .ah, the things you do for love!