Week 24

This past week was definitely less demanding! We really didn't do a lot, but that was mainly because of all the rain. The guys didn't have any ball games, they were all rained out, which ended up being a bad thing because the league had to rank the teams based on the first and only gamed they played, which means Jarrod's team were put in the A-League. He is really afraid that they will end up getting beat really bad every week. I think they are better than they think, so hopefully it won't be a repeat of last year. I have faith in them!!

We went to Who Dat's with my mom & dad and Dillon & Brandye Saturday night. YUM-O! I love their crab cakes! Then Jarrod and I went to Searcy and stayed the night with his parents since they were having a b-day party for Jennifer and Daniel Sunday afternoon.  We made it back to Jonesboro Sunday evening  just in time for church and went out to eat afterwards with some friends.

We also found a new rocker/recliner for the living room on Saturday afternoon. We are having it custom ordered from Harris Furniture here in town. I am so excited to have a rocker/recliner that doesn't resemble a huge stay-puffed marshmallow. It's very clean and tailored and we picked out really cool contemporary fabric that matches the rest of our furniture. I was surprised that Jarrod liked it as much as he did. I really thought I would have had to do more convincing, but luckily he liked it and had no complaints! And it should be in just in time for Father's Day!

Now that I am 25 weeks, I am not as energetic as I would like. I am still feeling relatively good. But along with being tired, I am starting to feel a lot of stomach and back discomfort, especially at night. It's really hard to get comfortable and I am not sleeping well these days. By about 8 pm I am pretty well spent. But even when I go to bed early, I toss and turn all night and usually have to get up at least twice to visit the bathroom. {ugh}. I really miss being able to get good, uninterrupted night's sleep. . . .and I know, I know. . . it's only going to get worse!!

I think my appetite is slowing down some, too. [Whew!]  I haven't been very hungry at night lately. I am glad, since I didn't want to gain more than 25-30 lbs all together and I'm already over halfway there!! My poor feet and ankles are feeling the pain (or the "gain" I guess I should say). I think I am going to have to break down and buy some comfortable [aka: ugly and boring] flip flops. After a day on my feet my "cute" flops or sandals aren't worth the swollen ankles and sore feet that I have to deal with. {ugh, again}.

On the upside have started feeling the baby move and kick. Saturday night I was woke up about 4 am from all the kicking and moving going on! I was so surprise at how strong it was that I woke Jarrod up to see if he could feel it too, and he could! I guess it was the Cajun food?! I haven't felt anything quite that strong since then, but I can definitely feel something rockin' & rollin' around in there! 

I am really excited about the upcoming weekend! Brett, Kristen and Kate will be in Searcy for a wedding! We are going to Searcy Friday night and hopefully will get to spend some time with them! They live in Tampa right now and I haven't seen them since November, I know Kate has changed so much since then! Also, Kristen and I are both pregnant, so it will be fun taking some pictures with our big bellies!

We will also be celebrating Mother's day with both sides of the family; Saturday night in Searcy with Jarrod's mom and Sunday at Hickory Ridge with my family. Good times!!