Poor Taki?!

You may be wondering about Taki and how she is adapting to the new addition. . .well , she has lost her place as an only child and has been taking it really well. At first she didn't even act like she knew Stratton existed,(I think she was just happy to have us home!) but in the past few weeks she has gradually gained a little more interest in him. If we put him in the floor she will sniff at him but that's about it. She sits close to him and stares at him a lot. She has the best vantage point to do this from  from her spot on the back of the couch. She'll give us these looks when he's throwing a fit,  I'm sure she is thinking "why won't you people shut him up!!". She has been spending a lot more time outside, too. Not sure if that has something to do with the noise level change in the house or not?! But don't feel too sorry for her. She isn't being neglected by any means. She still gets plenty of tlc from us and is still sleeping at the end of our bed every night.


[everybody wants to sit in daddy's lap!]


[Taki really does look sad in this picture]