Go Valley View C of C!

Jarrod had his first softball game last night. They won 15-5! The game was called early when we got 10 points  ahead of the other team, it's the mercy rule or something? They really played hard, the last play of the game Jarrod score a triple and brought two guys home! After the game was over he admitted that he was glad the game was called, he was already wore out and didn't know if he could have made it to home! When we got home he ate a banana and got in the jacuzzi tub!

I had a life altering moment during the game, when someone called the team, which is the church's B team, the old man team. I was like "what?!" Here I am sitting at the "old man team's" softball game watching my husband (who is a year younger than I am  . . . that's not right? It can't be right!  I'm not old!! At least Jarrod is the youngest guy on the team, most are in their 30's. But it is still kinda hard to hear!

I have some exciting news that I will be posting soon. . . . .

. . . . and No! it has nothing to do with anything remotely related to having a baby!!

I should be ready to share the news this weekend sometime, or maybe sooner,  keep checking back for the details!!