Easter Weekend

Friday . . . .

I left work early so that we could get to Searcy in time to pick up our rental car (daddy bumped into the back of my car a couple of weeks ago and we are having it repaired in Searcy) and drop our car off  to get fixed.

We ran by Jarrod's parents house to change clothes and then we had dinner with them at the Rib Crib before going to Spring Sing.

Spring Sing was just not up to par this year. I won't go into the details, but it could have been better. . . . a lot better. [Note for Kristen. . . there were NO SPARKLES in the Ju Go Ju show?!?! What's up with that?!?!]


Saturday. . . .

I got to sleep late! Yay! Jarrod helped me clean house and then we had errands to run, shopping to do and groceries to buy.  I cooked my dishes for Sunday.

Sunday . . . .

Our plan was to get up, get ready and go to church in Hickory Ridge before having lunch at my grandpa & grandma's house. Well, we got up as usual and I went to get in the shower, except I couldn't get any hot water! After tinkering with the hot water heater and a call to my dad we decided it was hopeless! We threw our stuff together and left our house headed for Hickory Ridge at 9:15! We got to my mom and dad's rushed to get ready and made it to church by 10:30!! I am not kidding! We might have been a few minutes late, but not by much! The only things we forgot were my hairspray and Jarrod's belt! I thought that was pretty good for as fast as we got our stuff together! I usually get a picture of Jarrod and I on Easter, but not this year! ha!

We had lunch with my family and had a nice afternoon. I didn't venture outside much, it was COLD!! We stayed in Hickory Ridge all day! We went to evening services and then ate dinner at my mom & dad's and watched a movie with them. I decided to take a bath before we left in the case that our hot water heater was still out.  We got back home about 11pm. Whew!

. . . . and yes the hot water heater was still out! Which lead to an unbearably cold hair washing this morning!!! Talk about brain freeze!!