Baby room decor!

We aren't calling it a nursery, it's just      [insert baby's name here]        's room. I really don't want it to look like a baby room. I want it to a room we enjoy being in and is in our personal style. Maybe I'm being selfish, but the way I see it is Jarrod and I will be spending a lot of time in there and the baby won't know the difference, so why not make it to our taste!?  It will have both a crib (hopefully we can use the crib I had when I was a baby) and a twin bed.

We have decided to go with the Italian paisley bedding in silver sage from Restoration Hardware's, Baby & Child web site!

I absolutely love it! It's clean and modern. It doesn't necessarily look "nursery-ish" and you already know how I feel about this color combo, it's one of my favs! Plus we won't have to paint the room, it's already a nice tan shade, which will work perfectly! And it will work for a boy or girl, which is also what I wanted.

If you haven't checked out this web site you need to. To say it's fabulous would be an understatement. All the bedding collections fall into one of three color categories and they have coordinating furniture, curtains, lamps, accessories, wall hangings, toys and even clothes!!!

{what we picked out is a little different than the picture shows, but it's close enough that you can see what it might look like . . . }


crib bedding: Paisley bumper, striped sheet and solid green bed skirt with a little chocolate brown edging. 


twin bed: Paisley duvet, striped sheets and solid green bed skirt with a little chocolate brown edging.


Duvet, Bumper, Sheets and Bed skirtrhbc_prod151072_clrhbc121003bumper rhbc_prod151079 rhbc_prod103569

I set up a registry this morning, which was so fun! It was more or less to keep up with which options I was going to go with, but feel free to take a look. I know it will be several months before I have showers, but you can never be too prepared, right! ha! I am just relieved that I found something that reflects my style and doesn't look babyish. I know I told many of you that my mom had offered to make my bedding, but that was mainly because I couldn't find anything out there that had matching baby bedding and regular bedding, that had the look I wanted. Besides the fact that Mom is so busy already, and it would have been so time consuming, I didn't want to burden her any more. I have no doubt that her bedding would have been even more fabulous that this, but I have a feeling she doesn't mind buying the stuff instead of making it at all! ha!  I am really excited to start putting this room together, it's nice to actually have something decided on. I can mark something off my list, which makes me feel so good!!