Some Ups and Downs

Just wanted to share my happiness. . . I got my hair colored yesterday! For the first time since the first of November! Wow! I knew it had been a long time, but I didn't realize it had been that long!!  I have done a lot of research and nothing convinced me that getting my hair dyed is going to adversely affect my baby. Most of the more conservative books/web sites I have read simply suggested that if you must dye your hair, waiting until after the first trimester is the safest bet.  My red is back and I really feel more like myself again, and that is a tremendous boost for me!

I did find out something a few days ago that I am bummed about. No spray tanning. It contains a chemical that can be dangerous. Boo. Now I am going to be big, fat and white this summer. . . . great. {sigh} There are some self tanners I read that are ok, but I haven't been online to check out which ones are safe. I am just not very good with "self application". I tend to get impatient and then I mess it up.  I guess I will have to research that option a little better. 

I must admit it's hard for me right now. I know I should be thanking my lucky stars that I have felt so great. My complaints are all about my fading physical appearance. [note: the following is a vain ranting of the blog author brought on by devil (aka.  crazy pregnancy hormones), please feel free to roll your eyes while and/or after reading]. My clothes don't fit, and I don't look pregnant yet, just fat.  I am getting rounder by the day. I worry I will soon look like the girl that turned into a blueberry on Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory only not blue, I really don't want to buy maternity clothes just yet, and I don't want to buy new, bigger real clothes either!?  My face is horribly broke out, and I can't seem to get it under control. I haven't been this broke out since I was 14! My fingers are constantly changing sizes, in the morning my rings slide right on, but by the evening my fingers are so swollen I can hardly get them off!  I just wish I would pop on out there and start to really look pregnant so I could at least get a little sympathy for looking so bad!  . . . I know some of you must understand how I feel! Please tell me it's going to get better! ha!