Our 7th Christmas Together!

This year marks our 7th Christmas as a couple and our 3rd as a married couple. You know I can tell you exactly what he gave me for our first Christmas, it was a pretty little sterling silver necklace he bought at Leslie's in Searcy, it had three (faux) diamonds. I really liked it, until I wore it to his mom and dad's and saw that his sister had gotten the same one. Ha ha. I can't remember what I bought him, it was probably clothes!

Here is a trip down memory lane, boy have we changed!!


check out Jarrod's shoes. . .yeah he still has them, but isn't allowed to wear them in public!



What possessed me to wear that sweater?? Jarrod looks so young in this picture!



I remember this is the Christmas Jarrod surprised me with my Caerleon ring! After telling me over and over that he didn't get me one! 



Woohoo! Now that we're engaged Jarrod made it to the family picture at Nanny's, he's moving on up! Can you see how long Jarrod's hair is? That's the longest it's been since then, too. And by the way I am not wearing the same sweater I did last year, it's a NEW black turtleneck, I love them I buy a new one every year.

Scan0061 Scan0059


Our first Christmas a a married couple, and we didn't think to get any photos of us by our tree at home. This is the only photo of us together I have! Notice Jarrod's beard? I think it looks nice. And I didn't wait long after the wedding to whack my hair off!

family shot at christmas 2005


Last year was a lot of fun, little did we know it would be our last Christmas in that house! We started the tradition of having breakfast at mom and dad's house on Christmas morning.

1-5-2007-26 1-5-2007-25


Our first Christmas at our house in Jonesboro. Doesn't Jarrod look handsome in his new shirt and tie!


Group picture at Nanny's. I don't like how my hair looks in this picture, but it's a good one of everyone else. . .


Hopefully there will be so many more Christmas' shared in the years to come!

This year Jarrod and I exchanged gifts on the 23rd, which was a little weird, but hey I'm all for opening presents. The sooner the better!! Jarrod got me a new watch, a pretty purple stone for my Caerleon ring, some perfume, and a FABULOUS lime green oval dutch oven. I got him a cd player for his truck (it has be be installed at a later date by a professional other than myself!), a new pair of running shoes, a pocket knife & cap light, some John Varvatos body wash (it's a brand of cologne, but since I can't get him to wear the cologne I got him the body wash, it smells soooo good!), and a Razorback pullover jacket.

We had a good Christmas with our families also. We ended up going to Jarrod's parent's house for Christmas with them on Christmas eve for lunch, which was nice. We had Christmas with the Wilson's on Christmas eve and then Christmas morning we had our present exchanging with my mom and dad and Dillon & Brandye. Then we had lunch at Nanny & Papa's and Christmas with the Gibson's.  It was busy, but all worth it when we get to spend time with our family!