It's looking like Fall!

I must brag on my wonderful husband. This past weekend on Friday and Saturday both he worked very hard on the front yard. He bought mums and planted them around the mailbox and got some pumpkins to sit around in between them. He also set up the shepherd hooks and hung the candle holders and candles on them. It all looks so nice & fall-ish! He did all this 100% on his own, the whole idea was even his! So I am very pleased with his "project". I think he did a great job!

We did have two pumpkins but one was tragically abducted and was found smashed in the road! So, beware there are some evil pumpkin vandals on the prowl!! And I also made two fall arrangements and had them sitting by the front door but one was ravaged by the wind & rain last week, so I'm down to one of those now, too!

The sky is God's canvas

After what seems like days of rain, yesterday at sunset there was a very brief clearing which made for a spectacular sunset! How anyone could see a stunning display of colors like this in the sky and not believe that there is a God is beyond me! What an awesome sight! And what a brilliant conclusion to such a wet and dreary day.

I took these pictures from our back porch.