What's been going on ~Week 7

Monday was not a very good day. Stratton fussed and cried all day long. Nothing made him happy! I was so frustrated. I don't know what I would do if we had a child that was like that all the time! It would drive me crazy!! Luckily that didn't last but a day. The rest of the week has been so much better. Wednesday afternoon Stratton and I ventured out to Old Navy. I had a coupon that was about to expire so we went and bought a few new things for the little man. He has lots of play and sleep clothes, but not many nicer church clothes. I ordered a few things from the Dillards web site last week. Our Dillards doesn't carry Ralph Lauren baby clothes anymore, so I have to order it online now! I got him the cutest outfit to wear on his first Sunday church service. And I also got him a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, they are TOO cute!! Jarrod is mad that I wouldn't let him get some for himself last year, but I bought them for Stratton! ha! They are much cuter (and cheaper) for babies!! I am having a hard time with the pants. He is so long and skinny that most 0-3 month sizes are just a little short, but they are about 2 inches too big in the waist!! Why do all baby clothes seem like they are made for short, fat babies!!

Wednesday night we decided to take Stratton to church. The doctor recommended that we keep in out of crowds for 8 weeks and since Sunday will be his 8 week birthday, we decided what's a few days really going to matter? He was so good, actually he slept through the whole thing! And surprisingly we weren't mobbed like I was anticipating! I think since it was Wednesday night and there weren't as many people there made a difference, and he was in his carrier and that made him less accessible, because lots of people looked but not many touched. Which is a relief!!


[here he is in the outfit he wore to church, thanks Matt & Carla!]


[going to church is tiring!]


[Stratton and Jarrod relaxing in their favorite chair]

He still hasn't been sleeping any better. He's waking up every 3-4 hrs. We thought maybe we should increase the amount we are feeding him, from 4 oz to 5 oz, and see if that helps him sleep longer. And it didn't work, if anything he slept less!! In spite of that, today was another good day. When Jarrod got home we went to the mall. Our intention was to go to JCPenny's so Jarrod could get some work jeans, and we ended up closing the mall down! We walked all down the mall and ate at Shorty Smalls. We feed Stratton while we were at Shorty Smalls and I changed him. . .his first time to get changed in a public restroom. And he didn't scream like he does when we change him at home? After he ate he stayed awake the whole time we were shopping. He just looked around all wide-eyed and alert. I think he likes shopping! That's my boy!!. . .We got him the cutest camo pants at Children's Place and then had to stop in at Gap and get a t-shirt to wear with it!  Jarrod made the comment that he paid more for the t-shirt for Stratton than he would pay for himself a t-shirt!   

Tomorrow we are going to Wynne to get our teeth cleaned and taking Stratton to visit Gigi's office for the first time. {Sorry we'll miss you, Laura!} Then we are meeting Jarrod's parents at Who Dat's tomorrow night for dinner and leaving Stratton with them for the night. They are bringing him back on Saturday, so we will have some time to catch up on our sleep Friday night and get to sleep in on Saturday! I hope we can go look for a rug on Saturday. I think we are just going to have a piece of carpet cut and bound, since the size we need is so large and such a funny size.

We don't have anything planned for Monday. I hope we get to stay home and relax since it's my last day of maternity leave. I am going back to work on Tuesday! My cousin Kayce has so kindly agreed to keep Stratton on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until the church gets their daycare built, which will be 5-6 months. I am really happy she agreed to keep him. I was so worried that we might have to leave him with a stranger. It makes going back to work so much easier when I know he will be well taken care of. And it will be good for Stratton to spend time with his cousin Cooper, too!