He's a pee machine. . .

Stratton has managed to "get" my mom and Jarrod separate times while they were changing his diaper. Then last week while Terry, Jarrod's Dad, was holding him he peed through his diaper, clothes a blanket and got Terry wet. He has also done this to Jarrod on a few occasions while he is rocking him at night.  Stratton pees though his clothes almost nightly in his bed, we go through at least 2 gowns during the night, sometimes 3. (Thanks for the boppy pads, Amanda, they have been lifesavers!!) Well, somehow I have managed to avoid being peed on. .  .until yesterday. While changing his diaper, in the millisecond it takes to pull the old diaper off and fold the new one up, he got me! Actually he didn't get any on me, since it arced over his head and hit the wall and the window blinds and the table that is bedside the twin bed, in just seconds the boy had sprayed almost every surface with in three feet. I have been wondering how in the world he could pee through so many layers and get himself so wet at night. . .well now I know, the force alone cannot be contained by a measly diaper! It was like a pressure washer hose!! It took me half an hour to clean up the mess he made it a few seconds! I know you mothers of boys can relate and are laughing at me, I guess it happens to us all at some point!