Big News!

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We are having a baby!! I am 12 weeks today! My due date is August 20th. We have been to the Dr. twice and everything seems to be  just fine. 

We took a home test Monday, December 8th, and it was positive! I went to the Dr. that following Monday to get a blood test to verify what I really didn't believe to be true. . .and again it was positive. Our first appointment was on January 2nd and they gave me the whole work up, we were there for over 2 hours! Whew! We had an ultrasound that day, but the baby just looked liked a lima bean! Our last appointment was last Friday and the Dr. couldn't pick up a heartbeat on the doppler heart monitor, so since they weren't that busy she took us down to get an ultrasound to see if we could get a visual of the heartbeat. When it popped up on the screen, I was amazed! It actually looked like a baby this time! The heartbeat was a strong 169! I was relieved and glad we got to get the additional ultrasound! The lady doing the ultrasound said it was hard to get a good picture and an accurate heartbeat since the little booger was wiggling around so much!

I have been feeling pretty good. I was really tired at first, but that is gradually getting better.  No strange cravings, no morning sickness, nothing major. .  .yet! I have gained 2 lbs, which the Dr. said was a good thing. . . . my pants, however, disagree. I still don't really "feel" any different. I have noticed that I get tired easier and I am hungrier, but that's about it!

Our next appointment is February 27th. We won't get to find out the sex until the appointment on March 27th, and that's only if he/she is cooperating!

So, I guess I'll have more interesting things to post about now! Thanks for all the well wishes we have received! Any advice is appreciated as long as it is positive. I want to stay naive about all the bad and/or hard stuff. Especially  involving labor!