Another room is done!

Last night after supper and a little "Dancing with the Stars", Jarrod and I worked on hanging the remaining pictures throughout the house.

The thing that took the longest was the office. Jarrod couldn't decide where he wanted to put his deer. He figured it out and we are finally done! Yay!


It kind of creeps me out, when you walk in it's staring right at you! I'm going to have to put some sunglasses on him or something.


We have big plans for this room. We want to eventually put a futon and TV in so that's it's more of a den. A place where Jarrod can look around at the things he's killed on the walls and really reflect on life. . . . or watch football, whatever works.

The Staggs Inn, now open for business. . .

I am supposed to be having company next Monday. . . . my best friend Kristen and her 11 mo. old baby, Kate are going to be stopping by for the night! I am so excited to have them come visit. It's not very often we get to see each other since they live in D.C.!

So, this weekend I worked on cleaning, organizing and re-arranging our "guest room". Like most guest rooms it had become sort of a dumping ground for stuff we didn't know what to do with. Now, however, it is clean and tidy and free of cat hair. Since Kristen is allergic to cats, we are keeping the door shut. This bed happens to be one of Taki's favorite napping spots!

 guest room copy