Wednesday update. . . .

Jarrod got to Metairie safe and sound Monday night. The trip down there was a lot less dramatic this go around. They are working at the Leeville substation this week since the one in Carlisle is still too flooded to get in and work on anything there.  He said yesterday they saw a dolphin swimming and jumping around in the water just outside of the substation! I told him I bet that dolphin got lost! I didn't know dolphins would swim that far into the swampy areas?  Aren't they afraid of the alligators?!?! He tired to get a picture, but wasn't able to. Too bad that would have been a neat shot!

I am excited about Friday! It's going to be a busy day. We are moving our office. We will be staying in the same place, just moving to down two offices to suite 262, it's a little larger and has more offices. The painters are here today to repaint, it was the most awful shade of mustard yellow-gold and the trim was just a few shades lighter! It was really gross looking! The new paint color is called "Latte" with "Creamy" white trim. . . much better!

Then what I am most excited about is my bedroom furniture is going to be delivered on Friday! We ordered it 2 months ago and it finally came it! Well, all if it except the dresser mirror, which isn't a big deal to go pickup later when it comes in. I am having the delivery guy take the current furniture out of the room, and setup the new furniture for a small fee. I figure it's well worth the $$ not to have to mess with moving all that heavy stuff! You know I will have pictures to show you soon!!

Have a good day, I am headed to Waldenburg to work on a project with Brandy today. . . I am hoping we will get to eat lunch at Checkers in H'burg. . . their rotel chicken pizza is calling my name!!!!