Happy Birthday to Me!

27 years ago today. . . .

Scan0001Ha! This picture of my dad is priceless! Look how big my feet were!They look like they are the same size as my head! So, who's changed more I wonder, me or my dad?

Well, I turned 27 today! That's right just three more fleeting years until the BIG 3-0! Yikes!

For the most part today had been pretty uneventful. A regular, everyday Monday.  Until. . . . .

. . . . about 2pm, when I received a HUGE beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers!!  From my wonderful friends Amber and Andrea! Thanks girls, it made my day! They are so bright and colorful!! It's hard to see but there are daisies, carnations, lilies and some little purple flowers (I'm not sure what they are but they are pretty!). I don't know if you can see, but the water is even pink! How cute is that?!?!

100_0809 100_0810


Jarrod is supposed to be cooking me dinner tonight. Or grilling me dinner, I should say.  I am anxious to see what he got me, he always does a pretty good job when it comes to gift buying!