Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day copy

Happy Valentine's day! I just love V-day, and not just because it's the one day of the year that I usually get flowers!  Ha! I like the idea of so many couples taking the time to acknowledge their love and appreciation for each other. In today's busy world there are so many things vying for our attention that I think sometimes we may simply forget to take the time to share with our spouse how much we appreciate all the things they do. Today is an entire day devoted to just that! I think we need more days like today!

Jarrod and I usually don't exchange gifts/cards until V-day night, but there was a sweet card beside my freshly made pot of coffee when I got up this morning. It was such a nice surprise. I have to admit that he's a pretty thoughtful guy sometimes! 

To all my friends and family, since it's V-day, the day of love, I just want to say that "I Love You! " You mean so much to me and bless my life everyday! I hope you get a nice, unexpected surprise today and if no one else tells you that they love you today, at least I will have!! Have a wonderful Valentine's day!