Wednesday Morning update

I did get to talk to Jarrod for a while last night around 8:30-9:00pm. He called from the Entergy office in Metairie which is right outside of New Orleans. He sounded really tired and said he was just ready for food and sleep! He took lots of snacks with him, but he said he couldn't eat while driving between the bad weather and traffic. Oh, and did I mention that his van doesn't have cruise control?!?! I can't even imagine!! I talked to him for about 15 mins and he said he'd try to call back if and when they got a place to stay. At that time he said it would be fine with him to sleep at the office in a sleeping bag, so he must have been tired!

We have been texting a lot because he isn't getting good cell reception so he had sent me a text message last night around 11pm that said they were going a hotel with at least running water, but probably no electricity.

He just called me at work a few mins ago and they did get to sleep in a hotel last night with hot water and electricity. They are staying in a hotel in Metairie (a Four Seasons! Nice! Esp. for a utility worker on the job, huh?!).  They will be staying there for at least one more night. He wasn't exactly sure about what they were going to be doing or where they were going today. If they do have to go to Baton Rouge, they will still stay the nights in Metarie because Baton Rouge doesn't have electricity.

That is all I know right now! I want them to come home soon, but I know how frustrating it will be for them if they have to turn around and come home tomorrow without getting to do their job.  Maybe they will be able to so some good while they are there and get to come home in a few days.

By the way, I made it just fine last night, even though we were under a tornado watch and a few warnings in other areas. I was of course sick to my stomach, but that's nothing new! Around 10 pm I took a benedryl so I would sleep and it seemed to do the trick, I don't know if it stormed any last night after I went to sleep or not! But I did not want to get out of bed this morning!! The rain was hitting my bedroom window and it sounded so gooood. . . . so, yeah I was a little late for work this morning!