First pair of spring shoes!

I must admit that as much as my allergies and and fear of tornadoes lend me to not have a favorable outlook on spring, I do LOVE  spring for it's arrival of NEW CLOTHES & SHOES! My wallet always takes a major hit this time of year, but this year I have a valid reason for new clothes . . . . I need a bigger size! ugh.

I just got these in today from Piperlime and they are so sporty and cute!! And while I've only wore them around in the office so far, they are super comfy!! I know they have them at Gearhead, in the mall, but I needed a size 5, and they don't carry that small of a size! If your in the mall, just go by Gearhead and try these on. . . . I promise, you will fall in love!


Also, I am very impressed with the spring looks from Eddie Bauer. I'm not usually a fan, but I guess I am getting more laid back in my clothing choices! There is some really cute stuff on the web site that I plan on acquiring for the spring and summer (shhh! don't tell Jarrod, ha ha) and I might even order a bathing suit, too! I love this look and I do have the shoes now. . . .