Stretch Marks!

At 27 weeks, I have discovered the first (of many, I'm sure) stretch mark!  It just appeared out of nowhere!! I have been using all sorts of lotions and creams (guaranteed, mind you) to prevent this from happening, but I guess you can't stop the inevitable. [UGH.]   So, I guess no bikini for me in a few weeks! (ha, like I was really considering that anyway!)

Other than that things are still sailing right along. My appetite has slowed WAY down. And while I am still tired, I am feeling more motivated to do things other than sleep! Last week we washed the back of the house and the porches and bought some hanging plants for the porches. I hope we can do some more landscaping this weekend. Since I am actually "feeling"  like working I guess we should take advantage of it while I still can!  We also went on a "date", we went out to eat and to the movies (and I didn't fall asleep!) all in the same night!  And speaking of sleep, I think I am actually starting to sleep a little better at night, too.

Stratton is on the move! He is most active in the mornings, after lunch and in the evenings.  It seems like he doesn't like his daddy, as soon as Jarrod puts his hand on my belly all movement stops!  And if we are laying in bed watching tv or reading and not talking and he is moving around and we start talking he stops, like he is trying to listen to us or something!

I have another Dr. appointment on Friday.  I am dreading it! It's the glucose test day. . .ugh. I am really not worried about the results, I am more worried about being able to down the nasty looking stuff they gave me to drink!  After this appointment my next one will be at 31 weeks and then I will start having them every two weeks, instead of 4 weeks.  I am anxious to schedule the 3D ultrasound. I didn't think I wanted to spend the extra $$ to do it, but I have seen some pictures of friends that have had it done and seeing their's has changed my mind! It's incredible!  We also need to go register at the hospital in the next month! It's all beginning to hit me that in 3 months (maybe less) we will have a baby?! Crazy!