Birthday Extravaganza!

Since Jarrod and I have birthdays within a week of each other all of our celebrating is done together. There has even been a year where we received a joint gift! I guess we've been together long enough we are used to it! This weekend we spent time with our families and ate WAY too much!

Saturday night we had our birthday dinner with the Staggs. Terry, Margie, Jennifer, Daniel, Keith, Wendy, and Tori all came to Jonesboro to take us out to dinner. We ate at O'Charley's and then came back to our house for coffee and dessert which Margie had brought with them. We had a birthday cake and a layered brownie trifle, YUM-O! Let me tell ya, I was miserable Saturday night!!!  We had a fun time and it was really good to see Keith, Wendy and Tori.It was the first time they'd been able to visit us since we moved!



Today we went to church in Hickory Ridge. After church we had dinner at my Mom & Dad's house with the Wilson's. Mom made Jarrod a cheesecake and me a brownie cake! Whew! Can you imagine how much I've gained this weekend??  Birthday's are still pretty fun for us. We get to see our families and eat lots of good food and receive some nice presents! I don't dwell on the getting older part I like to concentrate on the dessert part!