Doctor's appointment~ 27 weeks

It's over!! I did the glucose test this morning and it wasn't as bad as I envisioned it. The stuff actually didn't taste as that bad and then they didn't take as much blood as I thought they would! That's what I get for thinking?! ha!  I think the results of the test will turn out to be normal, they said they would call if there was a problem but if not they would wait to show me the results at my next appointment. We just briefly got to see the doctor before I had to hurry to the lab to have blood draw (you have to have it drawn an hour from the time you finish drinking the stuff) and everything still looks good. My bp was still great and the baby's heartbeat was strong. I have gained 3 lbs. this past month, which brings me to a grand total of 23 lbs gained so far! She told me that now that I am in the 3rd trimester, I would probably start feeling a heaviness in the stomach and hips soon and I might want to start wearing my belly band more for support. She also went over the signs of pre-term labor and reminded us that we needed to go to the hospital within the next month or so to register. She also mentioned that we need to be deciding on a pediatrician, so I am open to suggestions! They just need to be a NEA doctor for our insurance. I was surprised to find out that I will start having appointments every two weeks now, I thought they would wait until after the next one, but I guess I am close enough to 30 weeks now. So, my next appointment in on Wednesday June 3rd, the day before we leave to go to Florida.  I did ask her about the trip and any advice she had for traveling. She just said to be sure and get out of the car and walk around frequently and to just lean the seat back and put my feet up on the dash board and enjoy the ride. . . .now, I can handle that! ha!

We went and got some lunch before I came back to work. I have a hair appointment later this afternoon and then I am meeting my friend Amy to look at fabric. She makes the neatest diaper bags and we are going to pick out the fabric for the one she is making me! Then we are meeting the guys for dinner at Lazzari! Yum! Abstaining from carbs these last couple of days for the glucose test is killing me!! I can't wait to eat some bread and PASTA!