boxed birthday invitations

These are my newest creation, boxed invitations! They turned out super cute, but boy were they time consuming! I am glad there were only 25 of them I had to do!  These were designed for a little girls first birthday, which is around the 4th of July so I was asked to design an over the top invitation and incorporate a princess theme (specifically using a castle with fireworks behind it)  and the colors pink and silver. This is what I came up with!

IMG_0026 IMG_0025

I added little tiny crystals to the front of the invitation where the fireworks are and added a shimmery powder to the initials. The invitation was wrapped in a glittery tissue paper which was held in place by a monogrammed seal.


The directions card is held in place by the ribbon and pulls out for easy access. 


You can see more pics of this invitation on my

Distinctly Pink Blog!

playing hooky . . .and a busy weekend ahead!

Yesterday I left work around 10am and took the rest of the day off! It'd been about 8 weeks since I had a haircut (that's an eternity to me) and I needed it re-colored, too before the wedding this weekend. So, I went to my hair appointment (which took 3 hours to do everything I needed done, I was a mess!) and after that Amy, a friend from church and I went and got a mani/pedi! Then I came home and finished the last of the birthday party invitations I have been working on, boy am I glad those are done and in the mail! Whew!

The rest of the week and weekend are going to be a bit on the busy side for us! Tonight we have church and I have to finish the rest of Jennifer's wedding programs!! Tomorrow night Jarrod has two ball games at 6:30 & 8:30 (I will really try to get some pics this time!) and it will be Amy's birthday so I am sure we will have to go out and eat or at least get ice cream to celebrate! Then we have the wedding rehearsal & dinner on Friday night. We are staying in Searcy Friday night. Jarrod's mom got us a hotel room because Jarrod's old bedroom at their house is full (I mean stacked to the ceiling) with wedding presents and other wedding related stuff. It will be the first time I've ever stayed in a hotel in Searcy! Saturday morning we (girls) are meeting at Terry and Margie's for hair and makeup. I think pictures are going to start at a little after noon. Jennifer & Daniel's wedding is at 3:00pm (I am a bridesmaid and Jarrod is an usher). Then after all the festivities are done in Searcy we have to high-tail-it to Hickory Ridge for  Kayla and Jason's wedding which is at 6:00pm. We are going to have a long & busy day on Saturday, but it will be a fun day! I am sure I will have lots of pictures to post!!