Stratton~ 2 weeks old

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So, Stratton was 2 weeks old yesterday! It doesn't really feel like it's been two weeks already!

My mom stayed with us last week (what a life saver!) since Jarrod decided he needed to go back to work on Tuesday and I was still not feeling well and getting around really slow. She kindly took the night shift with him so that Jarrod and I could get some sleep! That twin bed we put in his room has worked out great!! We took Stratton to the Dr on Wednesday for his one week check up. We decided to use Dr. Lowery Beck at the Apache Drive Children's clinic. We really liked him. Stratton's weight (6 lbs 12 oz) is in the 25% and his length put him in the 75%, so he has some growing to do! Dr. Beck said he was impressed with his size and how much he was eating and gave us an overall good report! While we were there they went ahead and circumcised him. I was really worried that I would freak out, so far so good. I am actually pretty proud of myself! The doctor also told us that we should use common sense when it comes to taking him out and having guests. He recommended that trips to places with large crowds, like the mall or church, should be postponed for at least 6 more weeks or until he is 2 months old. We don't want him to check something and end up back in the hospital!

I also went to the Dr. on Wednesday. I hadn't been feeling good and Tuesday night I started running a pretty high temp. It turns out I have an infection in my uterus (there is a technical term for it put I don't remember what it was) and they put me back on antibiotics for a week. If I am still running a fever after a week then she said that would probably have to put me in the hospital to administer antibiotics by IV. UGH!. . .as of today I haven't had any fever so far! I am praying that it doesn't pop back up, the LAST thing in the world I want to do is go back to the hospital!! I am still really sore and the meds I am on make me nauseous and totally kill my appetite. But I am getting better everyday. I am trying to take lots of naps, mainly when Stratton sleeps I try to, too!

Speaking of sleep. . .the boy sleeps ALL THE TIME! Well with the exception of a time period from about 3am-6m?? We have to intentionally make him uncomfortable when we feed him just so he will stay awake and eat. We are trying to keep him on a schedule and feed him every 3 hours, except at night and if it has been 3 hours and he hasn't woke up on his own to eat then we just let him sleep. Laura gave me a book called Baby Wise, about getting your baby to sleep through the night and we are going to try to follow it and see if it works! I hope so, if we could just eliminate the 3am feeding I would be a happy mommy! He is eating 2 ounces every three hours so we are going through the formula and diapers! We will probably start feeding him more next week.

I am finding it difficult to find clothes to fit our little guy! Preemie stuff is too small and newborn sizes are too large. This outfit is Carter's newborn and the length is perfect. . .it's just way too large in the waist! If he could stand up they would fall right off.  He is so long and skinny!

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Funny Faces

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This past weekend was pretty busy. Friday afternoon Jarrod and I both went to get our hair cut. I had not had my hair done in 2 months!! Jarrod's fam came so we could have a birthday dinner for Jarrod's dad that night so they kept Stratton while we were gone. Then Saturday my mom and dad came and babysat for us so we could go out to eat and to the mall. . .ah, the mall! Wow, have I missed shopping!! We ate at Lazzari's for the first time in almost 2 months, I am sure that is the longest we have ever gone without eating there in the almost 9 years we've been together.  It was so nice to get out of the house. Sunday afternoon I had a shower at church at HR so we ate lunch at Grandma's and Stratton got to to take his first trip to HR and grandma and grandpa's house. I had a great shower, I got tons of stuff! I was most excited about the video monitor my mom and dad got us and the play yard (pack and play) that the hostess went together and got us! {I will try to post some pics from the shower as soon as I get them from my mom.}