We didn't think we had Internet in the rooms until this afternoon Jarrod went to the hotel's business center to check his email there and he saw a sign that said something about in room internet service. So he went and asked at the front desk and they gave him the cable we needed to get connected! So while I can't lay in bed and surf around like I had been, I am just thankful that we have a connection at all!! I was worried I would have to go to the lobby to check my email and update the blog, so this is much more convenient!! The "Angels" program (Antenatal & Neonatal Guidelines, Education and Learning System) is really neat. They put us up in this hotel (we are paying extra to be in a suite)they provide meals and snacks for me. They also gave me the equipment to check my vitals and a nurse calls once a day to get that information and make sure that I am doing ok. I will see a doctor at the clinic here once a week. My first appointment is on next Tuesday. I guess that will be the only time I get to get out of here! The hotel also provides a free shuttle service, in the case that I need to go to the hospital and there isn't anyone here with me, or they will even take Jarrod and I to my doctor's appointments if we needed them to. The hotel is ok. It's thousands times better than the hospital, but it's nothing special as hotels go. In fact if we were just staying here for leisure. . . .well we probably wouldn't be staying here. . . I am really, really picky about hotels! But under the circumstances it's like a 4 star resort compared to the hospital room!! Our room has a small living room/dining room area with a small kitchenette. A bathroom and a separate bedroom with two queen beds. The living area has a sofa, a recliner, a desk and a table with two chairs. They have a laundry room on site which will come in handy. And they also serve a continental breakfast, so that's nice. Yesterday was my first full day here. It's nice not to constantly have nurses in and out, I could actually get rest! I slept till about 9am and then took a nice nap about 2pm! Since Jarrod has been going to work my mom has been staying here with us. She got here Sunday and left last night. Luckily, the sofa makes out into a bed, so she didn't have to sleep on the blow up bed again! She cooked us supper last night and pretty much did everything for dinner tonight, too. All Jarrod had to do was turn on the crockpot! She also cleaned, went grocery shopping and did our laundry! Today Jarrod is off work for the 4th of July (since he doesn't work on Fridays they give them Thursday off)and we have done absolutely nothing! In fact I am still in my pj's! He didn't get around till this afternoon and took my car to get the oil changed since he needed to do that a couple of weeks ago and just haven't been able to get that done, he's been a little preoccupied! He also ran to Kroger to get some more snacks. Still no change with me. No one has said how long we will be here, but I don't think they will let us go home before I am 35 weeks and that will be on the 17th of July. That is as long as nothing changes. It's hard to think that we will be here for 2 r three more weeks, but at least we aren't still in the hospital. Thanks again for all the calls, cards, thoughts and prayers. We are so, so blessed!