Birthdays & Anniversaries

 Saturday I had a lot do do. . . make chicken and dressing and chicken enchilada cheese dip (I know it's an odd combo, I'll explain later. . .) go buy Nanny's gift, wrap all gifts, go pick up the cake & flowers, decorate the cake, get ready for the party, make it to Hickory Ridge for the party at 5:30! Whew! I got it all done and was there on time!

Saturday was my Nanny's birthday, so we had a party for her at Nanny & Papa's house Saturday night. She had asked my mom if she thought I would make her some chicken and dressing (I am the "dressing maker" on the Gibson side, as I learned the art from my Grandma on the Wilson side a couple of years ago. . .) for the party. So how could I disappoint her? I made several individual servings that she could freeze and just pull out and reheat when she needed a fix! Dressing isn't hard to make it's just time consuming. So that took up a few hours on Saturday. The rest of us were having BBQ so I made the cheese dip to go along with that.

I decided that I would get a mini wedding cake made for my mom and dad and take it to the birthday party, too since Sunday was there 30th wedding anniversary. I had Kroger make me a plain white 8" cake with a 4" on top. I decorated it with fresh flowers and a heart pick. I thought it turned out pretty cute, considering I did it! ha! I would have liked to have some sort of party for them, but things have been crazy lately with my mom's job and just other stuff, so it just didn't work out. I think they appreciated the cake! They had a few gifts and cards to open as well.


Alexandra wanted in the picture, too!! Look at her face, so funny!


Happy Birthday Nanny!

Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!!