Christmas lights


Jarrod decided that he didn't want to mess with putting lights on the house this year, and since I wasn't going to help him, I couldn't argue. It ended up looking very nice indeed! We were the only ones in our cul-de-sac with lights. You can't see as well as I'd hoped, but our "Outdoor Display" included . . . . 12 mini trees along the sidewalk, two larger trees by the door, lights throughout the shrubbery, two deer and a spiral tree.


Christmas is almost here!

I haven't gone overboard decorating for Christmas just yet. We bought a few new things, but not many. I'd love to buy a ton of new stuff to decorate our new place for the holidays, but have managed to be rational! There are still a few things left to do, but the main thing- the tree- is done! We are still tweaking the outside decor. I hope to have all that wrapped up this weekend. Maybe I'll have some good pictures of the outside up after the weekend. . . we may be getting some winter precipitation Saturday night!!




I'm three gifts shy of being completely finished with my shopping! And all the gifts I have bought so far are wrapped and under the tree, that's a first for me!

We are having a progressive dinner party for some of our family on my mom's side, next Friday night and we have been busy trying to finish up some projects we've been putting off.  The party is going to be lots of fun!  We are having appetizers at Brian & Christina's, then the main course at our house and finally, dessert at Kali & Nathan's. I expect there to be about 20 people, so I'm sure we will have a good time! I'm a little nervous about getting all the cooking and cleaning done though.

Here is a rundown of our Christmas weekend schedule for those of you asking what are plans are this year. . . We are having our Christmas party at work next Thursday. Friday night is our progressive dinner party.  I will start cooking on Saturday and finish up any last minute shopping. Sunday is Dillon's birthday so Mom, Dad, Dillon and Brandye are coming to Jonesboro and going to church with us and then we will all go out to eat for lunch to celebrate his birthday. Monday, Christmas eve, we will get together for dinner at Grandma & Grandpa's for Christmas with the Wilson's.  Tuesday morning we will have Christmas with my Mom & Dad and Dillon & Brandye. Then we will go to my Nanny & Papa's for lunch and Christmas with the Gibson's. And later that afternoon we will head to Searcy to do Christmas with Jarrod's family.  Then back to Jonesboro that night, Jarrod has to work on the 26th! I will be off that next week and am so looking forward to it!  Among the many things I have planned to do, sleeping as late as possible is at the top of my list! haha!

Taki's new napping spot. . .

100_0720 100_0719

. . .  is in a laundry basket on top of the freezer!