Stratton's first week with Kayce and Cooper

Kayce took this picture of the boys on Tuesday. Stratton looks almost as big as Cooper, but then again Cooper only weighs 20 lbs and I bet Stratton is at least 11 or 12, now! Things are going well. The mornings are a little hectic, but it's something I will get used to. Stratton has been good for Kayce this week, or so she says. I was worried that she might be run ragged keeping up with Cooper and watching a baby at the same time. But she told me the only time she has her hands full is around lunch when they both want to eat at the same time, but other than that it hasn't been that bad. Whew! I am relived!  So for now, Kayce will keep Stratton on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I will not be working on Monday's for the time being and since Jarrod is off on Fridays he can stay home with him. I think things have worked  out great, which is such a blessing! I was really worried about what we would do with him when I went back to work. It's so great that we can leave him with family and I think it will be good for Stratton to be around his cousin Cooper.