Unexpected turn for the worse

So, things didn't turn out anything like I expected today. . . to say the least! Jarrod and I went to my Dr. appointment with the expectation that the doctor would either tell me I have made good progress and I can be off bed rest, or she would say I was doing about the same and for me to stay on bed rest and come back in a week. So you can imagine our surprise when after examining me she took a deep breath and said "I think we need to put you in the hospital."  Uh, Do What?!?!  I was really shocked. It was not at all what we were expecting to hear!! She is under the impression that my cervix is thinning even more (and I am dilated to  2cm) and that along with all the back pain I am having is enough to bring on labor at any time. She sent us straight over to the hospital. She wouldn't even let us go home and get our stuff!  We did run by sonic and get a snack, since we had planned to eat lunch after we got out of the Dr's office!

They have put me on magnesium sulfate (through an iv) to stop the contractions and I am strapped with two monitors. One for the baby's heart rate and another detects the contractions.  They tell me this magnesium is going to make me really sick feeling. I am ok right now. The first dose was kinda rough. It makes you feel really really hot, like your burning from the inside out. . .very strange feeling! They said it makes a lot of women nauseous, but it didn't bother me too bad. The worst part was them trying to put a catheter in. I am still convinced I have a bladder infection, and it was really painful, probably the worse pain I have ever had. Finally, after the one they put in wasn't working they gave up and took it out. I WILL NOT be having another one put in. They will have to sedate me to do that again!! It was horribly painful. I was crying so hard, I felt really bad for Jarrod. He was on the verge of crying, too. I know it was hard for him to see me in such pain and not able to do anything about it. Things are better now.  I am resting as comfortably as possible. They brought me my "supper" and I have been put on a liquid diet, which is the pits! I am starving. But I guess they don't want me to eat and then get sick to my stomach. I am having blood drawn every 6 hours to monitor the magnesium level. They have also given me the first of two steroid shots. This will help give Stratton's lungs a boost if he is born prematurely. They will give me another one on Sunday. Jarrod's Mom and Dad have been here and Brandye came by to check on us and of course my mom is still here. I hope we don't have too many visitors this weekend, since the meds are probably going to really kick in tonight and tomorrow and make me pretty sick.  

So here we are. We are not sure what to expect. I know we will be here at least through the weekend and they will revaluate the situation on Monday. The best case scenario is on Monday things will have improved and I can go home back on bed rest. Worse case. .  . Stratton makes an early arrival and they will transport us to Little Rock.

Please say a little prayer for us!  Hopefully the meds they are giving me will work and we won't have to be here much longer.