Stratton's 1st bath

We gave Stratton his first "real" bath the last night and it was pretty funny. He didn't like it at first and kicked and screamed, but once he got used to it and after peeing in the water he decided it wasn't so bad. Just so you know we aren't totally redneck. . . we had to give him his bath in the kitchen sink because we don't have a baby tub yet. I registered for one and someone has bought it off my registry, I just haven't gotten it yet and so I didn't want to go buy another one.  We don't intend to continue to bathe our child in the sink for long! ha!

Jarrod held him and I soaped him up and rinsed him off.  .who knew a little thing like that would take two people and four hands!!


I think he would have liked to take a nap in the tub!


He didn't like being taken out and dried off at all!