Worth the wait!!

My new bedroom furniture was delivered this afternoon and it's just as gorgeous as I remembered! I spent this evening putting clothes away in our DRAWERS!! I can't believe we have so many drawers! I should have taken a before and after picture, but if you can imagine. . . we had some wood tv trays for nightstands and a piece (a tall skinny lingerie chest) from my bedroom suite I had growing up with the tv on top of it and the bed just on rails no headboard, the only thing the room had going for it was the lamps, bedding, paint job that Jarrod and I created and the curtains my mom made us. . . . but, now look at this. . . .




Ha! Notice how lost the old, little TV looks? I am sure we will be "investing" in a new flat screen to hang on the wall over this media chest. It's a cool piece. It has all the cable, phone jacks, and a surge protector built in the inside so all of that ugly stuff is hidden. . . I love that feature!


IMG_0502 IMG_0503

Much improved if I do say so myself! There is a mirror that hangs over the dresser and it is on backorder (how is it sold as a set but one part is on backorder and the other part isn't?!?!) but it should only be a week or so and we (or I) can pick that up easily when it comes in. The delivery guys moved what was in the room out, and setup all the new stuff. It was well worth the $ considering it took them 45 mins to put the bed together!


I can't wait to curl up here and go to bed tonight! The only thing that is missing now is. . . . my husband! Maybe this time next week he will be here! He was really disappointed that this came in while he was gone. But at least he will have something new and different to look forward to! I don't have any interesting news from him today. They are just working them really hard. I am pretty sure he is completely worn out. He said they are closing the main "staging area" where they have been getting most of their meals. Most of the workers are either gone home or leaving soon. But he isn't too upset about that since the food has been so bad, at least now they will be able to get food from restaurants and maybe get some better tasting food.  That's all for now! Have a great weekend!