13 weeks down. . . .

27 more to go?? It doesn't sound like much progress!

This past week has been a busy one. Luckily Jarrod is back to pretty normal hours. I was really getting tired of his 7am-10pm days. 

To start work was really busy, then I had lots of DP projects to finish up, Monday I took the cat to the vet only to find out the Dr. is worried about her weight (not a big surprise there. . . ), got my hair cut and colored on Tuesday, Thursday night we went to the ASU game (Jarrod's V-day present), had company come visit (Jarrod's mom and sis) on Friday, had a girls night out  Saturday night while the guys went to Larry the Cable guy (Jarrod's xmas present), and went to some friends house for dinner last night after church. . . .whew.

I have to share a funny from the ASU game. We ran into a guy from church on our way in and he had an extra ticket and a voucher for a hot dog, popcorn and coke so he gave it to us since we didn't get our tickets in advance.  So, we get there and get in our seats and Jarrod asked me what I want to eat. I tell him I want a hot dog and nachos and a drink. Simple enough. He comes back with one hot dog, one nachos, one coke and one popcorn. He sits down and I say, "Thanks, so what are you going to eat??" Seriously. I was starving. He then informs me that he thought I could just eat what I wanted and he'd take the rest???? Uh, he must have forgotten how much I am eating these days! I almost asked him to get me 2 hot dogs I was so hungry!! So, he had to go back and get himself some food. Really what was he thinking?? Men?!

Saturday night Amy and Amanda and I went out to eat and then to see Confessions of  a Shopaholic, it was so cute.  I want to see it again! I highly recommend it!

I am looking forward to a slightly less busy week this week. Jarrod's b-day is Wednesday, and I have NO idea what to buy him. He said he didn't want anything. hmmm. . . .