Taki's favorite spot. . . .

IMG_0311 crop


. . . is right in the middle of whatever your reading or doing.   About 2 seconds after I snapped this picture she got booted to the floor.


an uneventful update

There really hasn't been much going on with us this in the last few weeks.  I am stressed about some projects at work and by the time I get home I'm just exhausted, and Jarrod is tired from working out in the heat all day, so we really haven't been doing much but here is an uneventful update .  . .

Jarrod's softball days are over, at least until next year! Their tournament was a nightmare! To make a long story short they ended up having to play three games in one night! It was ridiculous! But it's over and no one was seriously injured, so it was a good season!

Jarrod hurt his back working on cleaning my car (so, it's my fault he is hurt. . . ) and was having some problems for a few days. As much as I hate to admit this, because he really was in a lot of pain. . .it was funny to see him try to bend over, or sit down or put on his pants/shoes/ect. . . He wouldn't even let me help him! He'd say "I CAN DO IT!!" Ha! What a stubborn, hard headed man! He's much better now and hopefully that won't happen again anytime soon!

Friday night we went and ate at Upper Crust, which is becoming something of a Friday night ritual for us! Then I needed to get a few things from Hobby Lobby, and I bought Jarrod a surprise while I was there. . . .

IMG_0276 IMG_0282

a monkey of his very own!!! And it only takes 10 days to grow it!


When Jarrod and Derek had a house together in college they always talked about getting a monkey for a pet, so I helped fulfill a dream! Ha!


(I know. . . . we are so silly sometimes!! )

We went to see Mama Mia! this past weekend, and I thought it was great! I had to really watch myself, I wanted to sing along so bad!! I heard Jarrod laugh out loud a few times, but I don't think he really enjoyed it. Oh well, I will probably have to go see Batman this weekend, so we will be even.  Mama Mia! is going to be at The Orpheum Theatre, in November, so we will for sure have to see that! Also, I am so excited that both Wicked (June 24th-July 12th, 2009) and Legally Blonde ( Mar. 3 - Mar. 8, 2009) are coming to Memphis! We will be attending both of those shows, so if you want to go with us, let me know we can carpool!

My friend Amanda (most of you have heard me talk about her) who has a preemie (a sweet baby boy, Landon) at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock, had a baby shower at church Sunday.  I was asked by her to be the event photographer with her camera, so I didn't get any pictures of my own.  But it was really fun, she got SO much stuff. Landon was 2lbs 3 oz when he was born and in just 5 weeks he is now weighing in at 3 lbs 4 oz! He will be coming home before they know it! Here are some of the things I made for her, you can see more on my dp blog. . .

IMG_0226 IMG_0271

We went to HR Tuesday night for gospel meeting. We went by and visited with my Nanny and Papa and then went out to my mom and dad's house for supper, that was a late night!! I am still recovering! ha! You know me one late night throws me off for a week! And I won't get to catch up on my sleep Saturday morning. my sil Brandye and my friend Carla are graduating from Harding P.A. program Saturday morning at 10am! Then we will probably go out to eat to celebrate. And we are staying in Searcy for the day and having dinner with Jarrod's family for his dad's birthday. And then on Sunday we are getting together with some friends for another birthday/graduation party for Dustin and Carla, whew! We are going to be partied out!

Jarrod and I  had discussed going to Gatlinburg, TN for vacation this year. I haven't been since I was little and Jarrod has never been. But with gas being so high, we are not sure if that is what we want to do after all. I wish there was something fun to do relatively close to home, if you have any ideas we are open! We just want to get away for a few days without blowing a lot of $$, if that is even possible?!



I didn't have anything else to blog about this week, so I thought would share some funny pics of the notorious "grand kitty" (as my mom refers to her).  Taki has a good life, she wakes Jarrod up almost every morning when she is ready to be feed (usually around 5am), she sleeps all day, goes outside for a little in the afternoons (that is if it isn't too hot or cold for her) eats and goes back to sleep. Oh, to be a house cat. . .


She likes to lay in the floor at your feet and roll around and meow at you as if to say "Hello?? I'm down here, come and rub my belly!"


she was clawing at the camera, what can I say she's camera shy. 


Yes, she is really that big. . . and she is on the healthy weight formula.  If she had it her way she'd be a lot bigger, the silly cat loves cookies and crackers, pretty much anything sweet. But if you try to give her a piece of meat,  she won't eat it! I honestly don't think she knows she's a cat!

IMG_0160 cropped

Aren't her eyes crazy looking?!? It's supposedly pretty normal, especially in the Siamese breed? But I've personally never seen a cat with two different colored eyes before her.  Dillon actually calls her "Crazy Eyes", brothers?!?


She LOVES bags, of all shapes and sizes and she will get inside them (even if she's too big) and sleep or just lay in it for hours.

She is one spoiled kitty. She sleeps pretty much where ever she wants, usually beside or on top of Jarrod. That cat LOVES Jarrod. I don't get it! And he might give her a hard time and aggravate her a lot but deep down he loves her, too. He has said that if you had told him 5 years ago that he'd be sleeping with a cat in his bed, he would have said your crazy. . . .ah, the things you do for love!


Fun 4th

We spent the 4th with some church friends at their cabin in Dalton. It was a beautiful place! We didn't get in the river, it was too cold, but we had fun cooking out, eating (a lot), playing scattagories and just hanging out! ha!


on the deck overlooking the Eleven Point River


The guys grilling our lunch. . . . and the back of the property.


Jarrod & Dustin playing horseshoes


the guys throwing rocks in the river (men are so easily amused!)


The girls. . .me, Erica, Amy and Leslie


Couples. . .  Adam & Leslie, Ryan & Erica, Me & Jarrod and                 Amy & Dustin.


We got home about 9:30, just enough time to catch the fireworks on KAIT! Then we crashed! I slept late Saturday morning and then Saturday afternoon we went to Memphis with Amy and Dustin. We ate at Olive Garden (YUM-O!) and went to see "Get Smart" (it was really funny, I highly recommend).

Sunday we went to HR for morning church and lunch at Grandma's then went by to visit Nanny and Papa. We got home just in time to change clothes and get to church. After church we went to eat with Ryan and Erica and their little boy Carson.

We had a really fun (and rather busy) weekend, but I not wanting to be back at work! Three day weekends are great, but it's tough to get back in the swig of things!!


Church league softball

Last night was the last scheduled softball game, but they will still have to play in a tournament in a couple of weeks.



that's Jarrod in the blue shirt and gray pants. . .


All season the guys have been nagging Amy and I about making signs, since some of the other teams have signs and air horns and all sorts of other nonsense.   So,  we decided to be good fans and make those boys some signs! We even went a step further and made ourselves t-shirts, too! Talk about being dedicated! We decided on pink for our projects because we really don't have "team" colors and we both LOVE pink, so it was an easy choice. Plus, it's just plain funny. . . .


We had a big crowd !


Do you like the glove sign?? I think it's too funny! Let's see if they ask us for signs again next year?!?!


IMG_0137 IMG_0136

The shirts and signs were a big hit! Too bad it didn't help them win! It was their worst loss yet! (that's why I didn't get any pics of them after the game, they were all mad) Oh well! I am sure we will be sporting these shirts again for the tournament. We have actually had some others wanting them, too.  So, maybe we will have a sea of pink shirted fans in the stands cheering our team on!

I will be happy to have my evenings back! We haven't watched prime time tv in what seems like months! It has been a lot of fun for both of us.  It has been a pretty eventful season what with Jarrod hurting his shoulder, and almost getting thrown out of the game! We won some and lost more, but we got to hang out with our friends and we didn't have any major injuries, so that to me is a winning season! ha!