~ Andrea's Wedding Day~

The day started pretty early (well at least for those that don't live in J-town). We met at 10am for hair & make-up at O'Haira's in Jonesboro.  I think everyone was finished and we were at the church (Central Baptist) by 3:00. From 3:00-4:30 we had pictures and some chill time before the wedding. The room they have for the bridal party rocked . . . it was so pretty and was very roomy and had lots of mirrors!




andee wedding 021

Andrea looked beautiful (of course!)


We (the bm's) were very concerned about our dresses catching on the aisle runner. . .but thankfully we all made it down safe and sound with out any trip-ups! The ceremony was really sweet with lots of tears and just a few interesting moments. . . like when the preacher started giving the message at the wrong time, and later when he gave the opening prayer we couldn't figure out if  he had ended the prayer or not, half the people still had there heads down in the middle of the ceremony, too funny! But hey they are officially married now, and that is all that really matters!!


andee wedding 019

The reception was at the Station and it was so nice! I loved the locale, maybe Jarrod and I will have to have our 25th wedding anniversary party there in 22 years! ha!


Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mackey's  first dance. . . .


Andrea & her daddy dancing. . . .




100_0956 100_0971 b&w


I am so happy for Andrea! She really had her fairytale wedding!