Mother's Day weekend

Friday after work I ran home and packed for the weekend, then we started our tour in Hickory Ridge. We went by and visited with my Nanny (my Mom's mom) since we wouldn't be able to make it to the Mother's Day party for her Saturday night. Then we headed to Searcy. Saturday morning Kristen and Kate came over to Jarrod's parent's house and we had a nice little brunch and got to visit. It was so good to see them and just hang out. Kate is too too funny. She sure does like to sing! Like mother like daughter I guess! ha!

Kate's "cheesy" smile


Saturday afternoon Jennifer and Daniel came over to Jarrod's parent's house and we gave Margie her gifts and then we all went out to eat.  Jarrod and I left to go back to Hickory Ridge to stay there Saturday night around 7:30pm and had just enough time to swing back by my Nanny's house for a little while before it got too late. We gave my mom her mother's day present Saturday night. I got the family picture that we had made at her birthday party printed and framed up. Sunday morning we got up and went to church and then had lunch at my Aunt Kay and Uncle Doug's house for Mother's Day lunch with my grandma (my dad's mom). Sunday afternoon we got back to Jonesboro just in time for me to make my food before church started. Then after church we went to Ryan and Erica's house for dinner with our friends forever group. It was a busy weekend, but fun. I have learned that I think I like Mother's Day! Jarrod got me a new NorthFace rain jacket (from Stratton), and I got an hour massage from my mom & dad!!  I can definitely get used to another holiday like this!