Week 23

The past week wasn't so bad. Other than a few projects I had to work on and a softball game, the week was pretty much uneventful! Which is a welcome change from the fast pace we've been used to the last few weeks!

We had our monthly Doctor appointment Friday. It went well. I learned my lesson, though. . . no more late afternoon appointments for me!  Everything still looks good. It was just a routine appointment, they checked my weight and I saw the Doctor.  I have gained a total of 18 lbs, which makes me want to fall out in the floor from shock, but Jarrod keeps reminding me that I am supposed to gain weight. . . he has to tell me over and over and over. . . Dr. Layton asked if I was feeling any movement yet, and I told her I didn't really know. It's hard to tell with all the stuff going on in my stomach (I am constantly having heartburn and indigestion). When she was listening for the heartbeat she said "You didn't feel that?" and I said "no, what?". Evidently the baby had kicked hard enough that she felt it against the monitor. She wasn't concerned because there was a strong heartbeat and she could feel him moving. She told me that after eating a meal I needed to lay still and concentrate and I should be able to recognize the movement. What she doesn't know is that if I lay down for more than 2 minutes, I fall asleep!!  They also gave me my "drink" for my next appointment, when I have to do the glucose test. I am really dreading it.  When we left, I called my mom to tell her about the appointment and she brought something up that I hadn't thought about.  What if I can't feel the baby's subtle movements because I don't have a lot of feeling in my stomach to begin with? I have little to no feeling where the scar is across my stomach and that may be why I can't feel anything. I didn't think about this until she said something, so I haven't mentioned it to my doctor, but it makes sense!

After we left the Dr. office we ran a few errands before heading home. Since the Taylor Swift concert was that night I wanted to get out of town before the traffic got too awful.  Jarrod grilled us some burgers while I took a short nap. We sat out on the back porch and ate supper. We sat outside for awhile, it was so nice. Then we watched a movie. It was nice to stay in and take it easy and relax. We haven't got to do that in a long time! 

Saturday Jarrod went to the farm and I stayed home and did some laundry and a little cleaning, and. . .oh, yeah, I took a nap!  We had dinner with a group of friends from church at Pizza Chef Saturday night. Our good friend Amanda was in town visiting from North Carolina with her little boy. Brian didn't get to come with her, I think he had to work. We haven't seen them since they moved around the first of March, and Landon has already grown so much! He was pulling up and crawling all over the place! It was so nice to get to see them and catch up.  Then we went to Dustin and Amy's house for dessert. Amy make a Ding Dong cake that was awesome!  Amanda gave me a cute basket full of all kinds of baby necessities! It was so nice of her to think of us!  Since she won't be able to some back for any of my showers she gave it to me now. I have no idea what to do with most of the stuff she gave us, but I guess I will figure it out! ha!

Sunday morning after church Jarrod and I cleaned the house (Oh, man did it need it!) and then he worked on servicing the lawn mower while I took a nap (see a pattern here, I nap a lot!) After church Sunday night we had dinner and one last good visit with Amanda and Landon and the rest of the group from church at Chili's.  It was sad for Amanda and Landon to leave us again. We really miss them a lot! I wish I would have remembered to take a few pictures of all of us, but of course I didn't think about it until after we were leaving. Oh, well!