Oh! and Happy Father's day!

I think this has got to be the crummiest father's day weekend ever for poor Jarrod!! Spending his time in the hospital with me running around getting stuff for me and helping me to the bathroom. . . .poor guy. He is indeed showing his true colors, and I know he is going to be a great dad. I can't get over how he just stepped up and took control of things. I am not a good patient to say the least! I hate having him, or anyone, do things for me! He is being very patient with me and I know I am so blessed to have a husband that takes such good care of me and our unborn child. I do hate that I missed Father's Day with the rest of the family, but I know they know we would be there if there was any way we could! To all the Dad's out there, Hope you had a Happy Father's Day!!

We're still here. . .

I made it back to the living today!! The magnesium sulfate they are giving me has some nasty side effects, one of the worst is flu-like symptoms and heavy chest. So I am really tired and not feeling good at all. But the good news is that none of the monitor readings can track any major contractions at least not with any sort of pattern that they can see. And the baby's heart rate remains great. We are really anxoius to talk to the dr tomorrow morning to find out where we go from here. . .if anywhere! At least if they keep me I think they will take me off the IV, I really hope so anyway. Thanks so much for all the emails, calls, thoughts and prayers! Keep the prayers going up! We are in good hands and are fully confident that the Lord will take care of our little guy.