Three weeks from today. . .

I will be sitting here at my desk biting my nails, an uncontrollable, nervous wreck. That's because I will be awaiting the all important Dr. appointment to finally tell us if we'll be seeing pink or blue in the future.

The Real Deal guide to pregnancy (which just happens to be my FAVORITE book on pregnancy) has this check list. . .

It's a boy if. . . .    

  • when you add your age at the time of conception and the number of the month you conceived, the sum is an even number.~Yes
  • The dad-to-be is packing on the sympathy weight.~No
  • You skipped morning sickness.~Yes
  • Headaches are a regular occurrence.~No
  • You've never looked better!~ NO!!!! I think I look awful!
  • You look like you stuffed a basketball up your shirt.~No
  • Your nose is getting wider.~No
  • Your leg hairs are growing like weeds!~No
  • Your pee is easter-egg yellow.~No
  • You crave salty or sour foods or proteins.~Sometimes. .
  • Your baby's heart rate doesn't exceed 140 bpm.~No
  • Your tooties are chillier than usual.~No
  • Your hands are as dry as the desert.~No
  • Your bump rides low.~No
  • A ring swings back and forth when dangled from a string over your belly. ~ Don't know haven't tried this?
  • So that's 2 yes's and 11 no's. . . .

It's a girl if. . . .

  • When you add your age at the time of conception and the number of the month you conceived the sum is an odd number.~No
  • Your age when you conceived and the year you conceived are both even or odd numbers.~No
  • Your Junk is in the trunk and your hips rather than your tummy area.~Yes, by bum has doubled in size! Yikes!
  • You got intimate with morning sickness during your first trimester.~No
  • PMS is nothing compared to your pregnancy moods.~YES!
  • Pregnancy doesn't become you.~ Yes, I have never looked worse!
  • You look like you stuffed a watermelon under your shirt.~Not yet, I'm not big enough to tell
  • You look like you got a boob job.~Yes
  • Your left breast could beat your right if both were in a wet t-shirt contest where size mattered.~Don't know, haven't made this observation yet. . .
  • Your hair turned slightly redhead.~ Hmm. . . how do I tell?
  • Your pee is a dull yellow color.~Yes
  • Sweets are your craving of choice~Yes, dingdongs are a girls best friend!
  • Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 bpm.~Yes, it's been above 157 every time so far
  • Your face reminisces the breakouts of your teen years.~Yes!! It's worse than my teen-age years!
  • You are carrying high.~Probably it's still hard to tell
  • A ring swings in a circular motion when dangled from a string over your belly. ~Don't know haven't tried this out yet?
  • That's 6 for sure yes's and 3 no's. . .

So, I have a gut feeling I know what it is, but by the different tests and checklist I have read and taken it's not convincing me either way. The Chinese gender prediction chart says it's a boy.  The Old Wives Tale quiz said it's a girl!  What do you think, am I having a boy or a girl?? It won't be long now and we will know for sure!!

Fun weekend ahead!!

Tonight we are going to a birthday party for Alexandra, who turned FIVE earlier this week! I just can't believe how fast that girl is growing!!!

Tomorrow I am meeting one of my best friends, Meghan, in Memphis to see Legally Blonde the musical at the Orpheum ! It's going to be so much fun! I just wish is was going to be a little warmer, so I could wear my pink heels!!