Baby shower gift and wedding programs

This was a gift for my friend Leslie who is expecting her first little girl! I used the same monogram that  I used on the shower invitations and also made note cards and labels to match!

100_0927 100_0928  100_0931

These are the wedding programs that I am currently working on for Jarrod's sister's wedding. I hope to have them finished by this weekend so I can take them to Searcy Saturday when I go for Jennifer's wedding shower.  But they are a bit more time consuming than I thought, so we will see if I make my deadline!

100_0936 100_0937 100_0939 100_0942

I am sure staying busy these days! I still have Kayla's programs left to print and I am also working on some really fabulous birthday invitations for a very lucky little girl.  More to come on that. . .

The first injury of the season. . . .

Last Monday night Jarrod hurt his left shoulder in his softball game. It bothered him all week and I told him he might ought to go to the doctor and have them check it out to make sure he hadn't really hurt it. He said he wasn't going to go to the doctor until softball season was over.  I commented that I thought he didn't want to go to the Doctor because they would tell him to quit playing. He said he wasn't going to quit playing, either way.  (Just like a Man!)  Well, last night after his game (that they WON!) he was in pretty bad pain again. So, this morning I guess he decided not to be hard headed and go on to the doctor. (He didn't tell me about this until after he was already out of the doctor's office . . .) But, the doctor told him he had probably just sprang it and gave him a prescription for some anti-inflammatory meds.  He told him that he could keep playing. (Which he would have any way, I'm sure) But it's definitely a  relief that he got the all clear from the doctor.  I am so thankful that it wasn't something more serious that required surgery!

He also had the doctor check his spider bite on his leg and it looks like he may also survive that,too. They told him to just keep a watch on it.  He got the bite last Tuesday and at first it just looked like a chigger, but by Thursday it was looking much larger and different than any chigger or bug bite that I had ever seen! Jarrod got on the internet to do some research and determined that it was a spider bite, but it didn't appear that it was anything life-threatening. He had Brandye look at it when he went to the farm Saturday and she thought it was for sure a spider bite and told him to keep putting antibiotic ointment on it and watch it closely.  So, poor Jarrod had had a rather rough week!