What's the deal?!

It seems like since I hit the 30 week mark I have been falling apart! I don't know what happened? It's like someone flipped a light switch!  I was doing so well. The only things I have had to deal with up till now was some fatigue and a little pain from the stretching scar on my belly.

It first started last week with the blood sugar problems, which by the way is going fine. Most of the time my readings are right at or below the acceptable level. Then last Thursday I started getting a sniffle which has now lead into a full fledged summer cold. Which of course makes it even harder to sleep at night since I can't breathe! And I have another Dr. appointment today to see if my suspicions are correct (and I have a uti) or if something else is going on. And if you have had a uti, you know how painful and miserable that is. I rested all weekend, trying to stay off my feet as much as possible,  hoping that would do the trick and I would be feeling better by today. Nope. I think I feel worse today than I did yesterday. I am not good at enduring pain and sickness, so I am anxious to feel better. . . . SOON!  I honestly don't think I can but up with feeling this bad for another 9 weeks. 

Progress has been made in the baby's room. We finally got the crown molding put up in the room last week. So, Jarrod spent most of the weekend caulking, sanding and painting it and it looks great. He worked really hard on it and it turned out so nice! We are all ready to start putting things together in there now!  I hope I am feeling better soon so I can get some things done!