Nothing new

I would have posted sooner but there is absolutely nothing going on. Things are still the same, still having some pains but they are always sporadic. Jarrod and I spent the weekend in the "cave" as my Mom has dubbed it. We slept late, watched tv and took lots of naps. Saturday night we were sitting on the couch watching the Daytona 500 (yeah, I was trying to be a good wife and do something Jarrod wanted to do) and it was 8:30pm and we were both just struggling to stay awake. I suggested we watch the rest of it in the bedroom, at least then if we fell asleep we'd already we in bed. So, we were in bed by 9pm!! What's even worse is we both slept till about 9:30am!! That's crazy for Jarrod, who is usually up and ready to go at the crack of dawn. I would love to tell you how much I am enjoying this time of rest and relaxation. . .but it's not as fun as it sounds. I have lots to read and we have our computer, and two tv's, but somehow I am still bored! I am actually excited about my doctor appointment tomorrow because I get to get out of here for a little while! I am trying to talk Jarrod into taking me out to eat afterwards too, but he is being a real stickler for the rules! I guess I shouldn't complain, he has been taking great care of me. This weekend he brought me breakfast in bed and took all my vitals so I could go back to sleep for a little longer. He went back to work today, and then will take off tomorrow to go with me to the doctor. The information we received said to be prepared for the appointment to last several hours! I have no idea what they will do. I don't know if they will examine me and put me back on the monitors for awhile, or if it will just be a normal checkup kind of appointment? I am hoping that nothing has changed and they will tell me they want to keep me here just one more week, then they will send us home! My mom is here with me today doing our laundry and that kind of stuff. She and my Aunt Judy went to our house this weekend and cleaned house!! I am so thankful that we have our family taking care of us! Uncle Brian has been going by our house and taking care of Taki and the plants everyday. So it gives me some peace to know that she is in good hands and at least we won't be going home to a dirty house and dead plants!